Port Security Policy

· Currently, there is no specific legislation on SOLAS except under the ports Act and the navigation and pilotage (consolidation) By-laws which deal with basic safety rules for vessels plying in internal waters. There is no legislation on ISPS Code. SOLAS has not been domesticated.

· Ships entering or leaving territorial waters of the Gambia must be compliant with port state and coastal state rules and regulations. There should not be any violations of Customs, Immigration and sanitary laws by ships while in coastal or port state or leaving jurisdiction. There is compulsory pilotage in the Gambia for all ships arriving at our port facility.

· Advertisements are put in the print media to warn or notify the public about current or changing state of affairs within the port facility. Notices and circulars are posted at conspicuous places to warn or notify as the case may be, port users and others frequenting the ports.


The GPA Management over the years has agreed and implemented the following procedures and policies for security reasons. For proper access control, categorized passes are being used by persons entering the port.

· Permanent pass: To be issued to major port users on business.

· Temporary pass: To be issued to Government Officials, e.g. Permanent Secretaries, Heads of Departments, interns, Consultants and service providers on visits to the port.

· Daily pass: this shall be issued to individuals or group of persons required to carry out a specific business in the port under an agent. This will cost the agent D25.00 (one US dollar) and should be issued at the security desk and be subsequently accounted for, otherwise be sanctioned for failure to surrender it.

· Vehicle pass: this will allow only authorized vehicles into the port whilst leaving the un-authorized, reducing congestion in the facility. No taxis are allowed into the port.



The port is demarcated into different Zones as shown below.

a) North & South Terminal, b) PWD Container Terminal, c) Head Office Building & Canteen


The following areas have been identified as restricted areas with tight security measures in place to prohibit access to un-authorized persons.


· Old and New Jetty (wharfs)

· Generator Houses

· Tank Farms

· Stores and Workshops area

· Bonded warehouses Complex (BWH)

· Car Park

However the quays are sometimes not very restricted during the discharge of bulk cargoes. Other wise any un-authorized persons found on the spots constitutes to of security.